Animal Control

The City of Big Lake operates an Animal Control Shelter which provides shelter for stray animals, and animals under quarantine. Animal Control promotes adoption of unclaimed animals and provides ethical and humane care and treatment for all sheltered animals.

Veterinary Clinic

Animal Control hosts a veterinary clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of every month with licensed Veterinarians from the Arden Road Animal Clinic providing vaccinations and medical examinations.

Pet Requirements

The City of Big Lake requires current vaccinations of all domestic pets with current proof of license with the city. The City license fee is $5, or $2.50 if the animal is spayed or neutered. Dogs and Cats are required to wear a current license and vaccination tag at all times.

The City of Big Lake requires all dogs be leashed, and muzzling of dogs weighing 25 pounds or more, if being walked on the streets. Dogs may not be restrained on a chain. Owners must provide a fenced area to contain their dog or cat.

It is illegal to mistreat any animal. Nobody is allowed to keep more than 3 dogs or cats without obtaining a kennel license. It is illegal to keep a vicious/dangerous dog inside the city limits. No wild animals are allowed in the city limits.


The Animal Control Officer will issue citations for any violations of Animal Control Laws.
Click here to report an animal carcass in the roadway, or a stray animal.