Gas Leaks

Routine checks for gas leaks are conducted throughout the year. The primary method for checking for leaks is performed by leak surveys. Leak surveys will be accomplished by using any 1, or a combination of methods including, but not limited to vehicle, walking, using leak detection equipment (either portable or mobile), with sensitivity capable of detecting small leaks.

Any gas leak found is classified according to the severity and immediacy of hazard. Any hazardous gas leak is to be located and repaired immediately, or take action to reduce the hazard through temporary repairs, or activities to reduce the accumulation of gas.

Not all gas leaks pose a hazard to human life or property. Only trained, certified personnel can assess the severity and the hazard level. Report any leak suspicion to the City of Big Lake immediately to expedite the investigation of a potential leak.  To report a Gas Leak or an Odor of Natural Gas, you may call the office at 325-884-2511, or 325-884-2012 after hours.
In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1. 
-If your nose smells an odor of Natural Gas-

Don't: Strike a Match

Use the Phone

Flip any Electrical Switch On or Off

Waste Time

DO: Quickly Ventilate: Open outside doors and windows.  Check to see if a Pilot Light has gone out or a burner has been only partially turned off.

From a safe location away from the house, call 325-884-2511 (during business hours), or 325-884-2012 Nights, Weekends and Holidays.
If no answer, call 325-884-2424 or 9-1-1.