Wastewater Treatment

The purpose and function of the Wastewater Treatment Department is to receive and treat the spent water from a community containing the wastes from domestic, industrial, or commercial use, as well as the surface water runoff and groundwater which may enter the system through infiltration.  

Activated Sludge Process
The Big Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant is an activated sludge process. The activated sludge process is an aerobic biological process in which microorganisms grow by using oxidizable material in the wastewater as food.

The microorganisms are recycled to the treatment phase in order to increase the rate of reaction. The sludge is extracted from the water, processed and dried to be disposed of.  The remaining water is treated and reclaimed to the water basin.

Wastewater Samples
Wastewater samples are collected and analyzed daily to verify compliance with state and federal requirements. Monitoring of the plant and equipment is done on a 24 hour daily basis utilizing computer equipment.  

Gallons Per Month
Currently the wastewater treatment plant utilizes three basins with approximately 12 million gallons of wastewater processed on a monthly basis.  In the presence of continued growth in population and requests for City services, the City will potentially undergo a five million dollar expansion of the wastewater treatment plant beginning in 2016.