If you enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest, you indicate that you do not contest the state's charge(s) against you.  The fine for a No Contest plea is the same as that for a plea of Guilty.  Either plea indicates that you agree to waive appearance before the Court for trial.  If you wish to enter a plea of Not Guilty, you must contact the Judge no later than the appearance date shown on the citation.  You will be notified by return mail of the court date set for your hearing.  If you fail to respond to the charge by the appearance date in the citation, additional charges may be filed against you for Violate A Promise To Appear and you could be denied renewal or your driver's license.  Additional court costs will be added and warrants will be issued for your arrest, making you subject to arrest if stopped or when renewing your driver's license.  

To pay your citation, please mail Money Order or Cashier's Check, made payable to City of Big Lake, to City of Big Lake, Municipal Court, P.O. Box 310, Big Lake, Texas 76932.  

Should you elect to take a Driving Safety Course or Motorcycle Operating Training, you must provide the Court with notice of your request to take the course before the appearance date on the citation.
If you are financially unable to pay a fine and/or court costs in full (one payment), there are other options, such as time-payment plans or performing community service hours instead of paying the fine and court costs.  
Community service options have now been expanded by the Texas Legislature (September 2017) to include any hours performed by a defendant: (a) attending work and job skills training; (b) attending preparatory class for high school equivalency exam; and (c) performing community service at an educational institution. 
In situations in which a person is physically or mentally unable to perform community service and that person does not have the ability to pay their fine and court costs on a time-payment plan, the Court can hear sworn testimony and review evidence concerning the defendant's financial situation to help resolve this matter. 
In some unusual situations, the judge can reduce the fine and court costs, or eliminate them completely, depending on the severity of the defendant's financial circumstances.
Should you have any questions regarding these options, please contact the Court at 325-884-2511.