City of Big Lake Information Letter

The City of Big Lake welcomes you and your family and hope that you find "Living's Great in Big Lake".  The City operates under a Mayor and Council General Law A Government.  We have a Code of City Ordinances that we operate under as well as several policies set by the Council that are enforced through our Municipal Court and City Attorney.  The City office staff and the Code Enforcement Officer will work with you to assist in compliance of all City Codes.
Section 903.020 of the Animal Code requires registration of all cats and dogs within the City.  You may find additional information related to animals by clicking here. 
Section 130.25 of the City Code sets the curfew hours for minors under 17 years of age:  Sunday through Thursday is 11:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday is 12:00 pm.  The City also has a noise ordinance in place so please be respectful to your neighbors. 
Due to recurring drought conditions in Reagan County and the City, Ordinance 06117-1 was passed in January 2006 banning the Sale or Discharging of any Fireworks within the City Limits.  This ordinance will stay in effect until such time as sufficient rainfall has occurred to enable the City to amend the ordinance. 
The Building Code requires a City Permit for any type of construction work or demolition.  The code also requires a permit for moving any type of mobile or portable building.  All businesses must be established within the Commercial District only. You can find a link to our City Code of Ordinances and additional information on building permits by clicking here. 
All City utility accounts must be maintained in current status.  Failure to pay your account on or before the regular cut off date (the 20th day of each month) will result in disconnection of utility service. Cost to restore service following a disconnection is $50.00 PLUS the entire amount due to the City.  If there is a compelling reason for non-payment before the regular cut off time, a few additional days may be granted, but you MUST inform the City office in person or by telephone BEFORE the regular cut off date.  If request has not been made prior to the 20th day of the month, the cut off procedure will take place. Click here to view payment options. 
City water cannot be used for resale, oilfield use or water trucks.  A violation will result in a fine, and/or termination of City Water service.  
If you need specific information pertaining to these policies or any other City related business, please contact the City office at 325-884-2511 and we will be glad to assist you.  We hope to keep you an informed citizen of your City, and, again, Welcome to Big Lake!